I quit sugar and here is what happened…

SUGAR, everyone loves it right? Especially in the festive months… give me all the cheesecake and chocolate! Once December came around I was constantly surrounded by amazing sugary food and I did not hold back that’s for sure! It was such a good time and I don’t think we should ever feel guilty for indulging! With that being said, after the Christmas events, holidays and a family wedding I felt like my body was starting to get a little mad at me. I was bloated every day and always wanting a nap. Naps are great, but I knew when I went back to work I couldn’t just have naps whenever I wanted (imagine if every office had a nap pod!) I thought right, let’s get back to a more balanced lifestyle (where sugary treats are actually a treat) and cut out sugar for two weeks!

I’m currently twelve days into the whole no sugar lifestyle and there have been many thoughts flying through my head about it each day!

Here are a few…

  • Okay, these refined sugar-free treats I made are yuck!
  • Seriously, what snack can I have that does not have sugar in it.
  • When does this extra energy thing kick in (day two, so impatient lol)
  • Why do I keep getting offered biscuits! I want a biscuit.
  • I need chocolate.
  • I can’t believe I have to watch my colleagues eat cake.

What’s helped me kick the sugar cravings…

Find refined sugar free treats

The first pack of RSF treats I tried were average… but then I found Loving Earth chocolate and I am in love! It has the same texture as chocolate and it is DELICIOUS! It could basically pass as being real chocolate, it’s that good. This has helped with the cravings because I still feel like I am eating something nice and sweet. It may not help my bank account (at $10 a block) but hey I’m being healthy so it’s worth it right?

Prepare a good amount of snacks

I don’t know about you, but when I am super hungry I crave sugary delicious things. When I have healthy snacks handy I honestly don’t think about sugar because I am satisfied! My favourite snacks at the moment: homemade banana bread (I use a little 100% pure maple syrup), peanut butter toast (or on crackers) and FRUIT! Fruit becomes soo much sweeter when you cut out refined sugar. My favourite evening snack is cut up a banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon, so good!

Stock up on tea

Okay, let’s be real, I am always stocked up on tea because tea is life. It is so great for when you have sugar cravings – especially teas that are slightly sweet. My favourite right now is Tia Ora’s Cinamon Chai Tea. 

Overall, cutting out refined sugar has been so good for my energy levels and moods. I find my energy feels much more stable and I am not having my usual afternoon energy crashes. Having a time-bound goal has been good for keeping me motivated – I have been looking at is a reset/refresh for my body, not a restriction. Am I going to cut sugar out of my life forever? No flippen way – I love cheesecake and Oreo chocolate way too much. I do however want to be more conscious of how much sugar I have on a daily basis because I really feel like I’m just a better person when I’m less moody with more energy 😉

I do want to know, have any of you cut out sugar before? Did you feel any different? Let me know x

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