The beachfront of our resort!! 
Don’t worry its not alive haha! This was a crab shell we found. 

The Moorings Fish Cafe.

​Oceans Restaurant – Crown Resort. 
Te Vara Nui Village.
Koka Lagoon Cruises! They gave us these headbands when they found out we were on our honeymoon 🙂

Little Polynesian Resort.
The most delicious, and definitely the most expensive, cheese cake I have ever eaten ($16.50)! This was at The Hidden Sprit Cafe, which is at the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens. 

Rarotonga is the most amazing little island! We seriously loved it. From the moment we touched down we knew it was going to be a fantastic holiday. The excessively happy local playing the ukulele in the arrival lounge combined with a fresh frangipani lei made for an amazing introduction to Rarotonga.

Our accommodation at Sunset Resort was equally as amazing (thanks for the Honeymoon champagne). The beach front of our resort was so beautiful and I got SO excited about it that people were literally staring at me haha! We were by far the youngest people there but it was perfect for us. It was super quiet and relaxed, just what you want on a honeymoon. After a quick scooter ride around the island we were pretty sure our resort had the best beach front set up!

There is such a variety of restaurants on the island and we did our best to try them all.  We ate at: Kikau Hut, Tumunu Restaurant, Oceans Restaurant (Crown Resort), Alberto’s Steakhouse, The Moorings Fish Cafe, The Hidden Sprit Cafe, and The Anchorage Resturant (Sunset Resort). They were all really great and each place had something so unique about it. Our favourite was probably Ocean’s Restaurant for their beautiful beach front setting. My highlight was eating dinner with my feet in the sand, Ben’s highlight was the pork belly! We spent our last night at The Anchorage Restaurant’s BBQ Buffet Night, which was an eventful evening of food, music, and me doing an impromptu island dance in front of everyone (not by choice haha).

You will not be bored on this island – there are so many fun things to do! We went on a great cruise with Koka Lagoon Cruises, watched an over the water cultural show with a buffet dinner at Te Vari Nui Village, went to the Saturday morning markets, explored the hills of the island (this is where we saw pigs, chickens and goats), listened to live music at beachfront restaurants, and hired a scooter to tour the island. The scooter is a must and was definitely a highlight! The total the total circumference of Rarotonga is only 32km, we scootered around the whole island in about 40 minutes. We did this several times, stoping in at cute little cafes and resorts along the way.

It was so nice getting to experience this beautiful place with my hubby and we would love to go back sometime!! ​

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