My Kitchen Tea

The ice tea was made from Red Seals Hot or Cold Brew Tea. 
These girls were my beautiful bridesmaids! 
You can’t have a kitchen tea with out the toilet paper bride game! 🙂
​Best food EVER. 

 My amazing mum! 

DRESS: Atmos & Here The Iconic / SHOES: Lipstik The Iconic / LIPSTICK: Karen Murrel – Camellia Morning

My mum openly admits that party planning is not her thing! However, she did the most amazing job with my Kitchen Tea (bridal shower). She literally had a little planning folder that she had started like two months out. Cutest thing ever! She had the help of one of our closet family friends (second mum!), my bridesmaids, and my mother in law (she did a lot of the amazing treats in the photos). Together they arranged an amazing Paris themed afternoon! I am so lucky to have such loving people in my life!

We all drank lots of cups of tea, ate way to many delicious treats, and played a few hilarious games. I really could not of asked for a better afternoon 🙂

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