Life In Magical Mangawhai

I have officially been living in the little town of Mangawhai for four months now! I thought it was about time to give a bit of an update on what life is like living in a small, holiday town.

I should start by saying why we live here! Ben has been teaching at Mangawhai Beach School for two years now and we knew this year we would have to find a place to live that would work for both of us. It just so happened, that I ended up contracting for a few different companies in Public Relations and a bit of Sales/Marketing. This meant I only needed to be in the city twice a week (sometimes three) and the rest of my work could be done from home, meaning that living in Mangawhai could actually work for both of us.

This town has seriously been a dream to live in. On the day’s I work from home I always go for walks and every time I am still amazed by how beautiful this place is! I often just sit and take it all in. There are so many different places to walk, the beach itself, the estuary and I often run (well more like a half jog walk) up the two look outs and the beach! It is one of my favourite things to do here.

Living in a holiday town really relaxes you too. The other weekend Ben and I went for a long walk and then got an ice cream and I seriously felt like we were on holiday! The whole vibe of the town is so relaxed and we love it. Also, being a 20 minute drive from some other amazing places like Waipu and Te Arai is a bonus! It has already been such a great experience living in a small beachy town and I am so glad we made the decision to live here.

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