While, the hair and make up is important, it is all the little things that are done in the lead up to the wedding day that can help with that glow! ​
Here are a few things I did in the lead up to my wedding to help me feel my best!

1. Skincare routine:

Everyone one wants good skin on their wedding day! I spoke about how I improved my skincare routine here. I was slightly worried that an unwanted pimple would appear up on the day. I tried to be super strict with this routine to avoid that!! Hydration is also talked about a lot when it comes to skincare, it is a big help for glowing skin. I tried to drink about 1.5 litres of water a day and lots of tea too. If you don’t love water on it’s own, Red Seal’s Hot and Cold Teas are great. You can just pop a tea bag in and have flavoured water straight away.

2. Immunity and Supplements

It is a bit of a debated topic about whether we need to take supplements or not. Some people say we should get all the nutrients we need from our food. While I am sure this holds some truth, I have always been all for a bit of support, especially when you are trying to avoid any bugs in the lead up to a wedding. In the lead up I was taking a general Multi Vitamin and Vitamin C. Then my two personal faves, Fish Oil and Olive Leaf. Fish Oil is so great for getting your hair, skin and nails in the best condition. Also, I swear by Olive Leaf. Every time I felt the slightest flu symptom I took two tablets and in the morning the symptoms were gone!
​3. Exercise and Food: 

This one was so hard for me! I am the queen of making up excuses for not going to the gym. “It’s too cold”, “It’s too late now”, “I will go tomorrow!” Haha! Can anyone else relate?? Anyway, there is enough to think/worry about when you are planning a wedding without stressing about what you are eating etc. I tried to make small and realistic goals for myself, I really just wanted to feel my best when I got to the wedding day. For me, I tried to cut out most junk food (this helped my skin too), and aimed to go to the gym three times a week. I found doing gym classes way more beneficial as I couldn’t just slack off or cut my workout short. My personal fave is body pump! I mainly just tried to stay active and do lots of walks with my friends, a much more fun way to get some exercise in!
4. Calming the mind:

This is a big one. I think I was fairly calm for the most part but as the wedding got closer I started to feel a bit anxious (the week before A LOT anxious), I was all like, What if this goes wrong? What if I feel sick? What if I’m anxious on the day? Yes, I was anxious about being anxious lol. I tried to take control of this and just relax! Something that helped for me the most was getting into bed early (about 8:30 or 9) with a sleepy tea (or chamomile) and a book. I stopped watching shows and checking my Instagram right before bed, as any sort of light stimulates your brain, keeping you awake or making your sleep lighter. This became such a relaxing routine and really helped me.
5. Final Beauty Treatments:

I was all about doing every beauty treatment I could think of! Because, why not, it’s your wedding day! The treatments I got were:

I hope that was interesting for the future brides out there 🙂 Please message me if you want to know anything else! Past brides, I would love to hear what you did!

Rebecca xo

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