Scandrett Regional Park

Last week I planned to go to Mahurangi Regional Park with my mum, but when I typed this into my GPS it came up with Scandrett Regional Park. I thought oh this must just be another name for the park, turns out they are both two completely different parks and I still have no idea why my GPS lead me there, but HEY I am so glad it did!

I get so excited when I go to a new place, especially when I did not even know the place existed. This park had the most beautiful picnic spots, historic houses and coastal walks! I think there were about three different walks you can do, the one we did was the loop walk, which had an amazing view of Kawau island.

When I go to places like this I always think, we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful, clean and safe country! I absolutely love this quote I found on Instagram,When we think of travel, we tend to look to places far away more often than not, disregarding the opportunities right in our own backyard. Somehow we have come to believe that if it’s not far and foreign, then it has little value.” This is something I think about often. It sometimes blows my mind, how small New Zealand is, but how much beauty there still is to see! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! xo

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