Goodbye Mangawhai

I never could have imagined how much I would love living in a small beach side town. I already loved the town, but I wasn’t sure if I would LOVE living here. However, these past 8 months, living somewhere new and meeting new people has been an amazing experience. The relaxed vibe, peaceful beach walks, and  friendly people is something I will always cherish. Mangawhai will always hold such a special place in my heart, it will always be the place where Ben and I started our married life together.

It is now time to say goodbye to this beautiful town and start a new chapter of our lives as Ben and I have decided to move back to our good ol’ home town The Coast! (You can read here why we moved to Mangawhai). We knew Mangawhai would not be long term, as my job options will always be in the city! We thought we may stay here for two years, but for many reasons we felt like moving back at the end of this year would be the best decision for us both.

​I am certainly going to miss this place, and I know we will be visiting regularly! Thanks Mangawhai, you have been great.

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