Introducing Mainstream Detox

​I am so excited to be sharing the photos from my Mainstream Detox Magazine shoot! The lovely editor Aspen reached out to me to ask if she could interview me about my blog for the very first issue of their magazine! You can order a copy here.  I am so happy I was able to be a part of such an incredible magazine!
Mainstream Detox is an online platform and now a magazine also! They encourage self-love, organic, ethical and sustainable living.“Mainstream Detox – a blog where we could detox some of the messages given to us (particularly women) about who we are, and who we’re expected to be. Over the years it has evolved, and in September this year after a lot of learning, and dreaming and scheming the team at Mainstream Detox and myself sat down and thought that doing a magazine would be the best way to take the extra things we were learning about relationships and put it into a magazine.”

TOP: ReCreate – this company is pretty amazing, you guys should check it out! Their fabric is all certified organic and their production center in Cambodia provides sustainable employment for women under fair trade working conditions! ​

I also asked Aspen, the editor of the magazine, some questions about starting this magazine!

With every project, there are challenges… what was your biggest challenge with this project so far?
The biggest challenge so far has actually been learning to effectively time manage on my part and learning to stand my ground. I am naturally a heart person and care MASSIVELY (sometimes too much) for people, which can make me quite the people pleaser. I’ve had to learn to stand my ground, but it is also extremely humbling because I have to own my mistakes, sometimes the decisions that I’ve made haven’t been the best for myself or my team, but like all things it’s a learning curve, and I cease to be amazed at the incredible team I am beyond fortunate to work with, and who have been so supportive of the vision! I have also been so blown away by the support of people in the local community and beyond, it’s incredible how many people are keen to see one another free from guilt and shame, and given permission to be who we are.

What excites you most about launching this magazine?
There are SO many! I think most of all, I am excited about the incredible community that is growing. It makes me speechless in joy about how supportive everyone has been. It can be quite a vulnerable thing taking a leap of faith and starting a business, let alone when you’re passionate about it. What’s remarkable is often in our moments of vulnerability we can either feel shame or support. Through this whole process, the team and I have felt nothing more than supported. The encouraging words that I’ve received personally alone – let alone through the Mainstream Detox Facebook Page, blows me away. When people say they doubt there is any goodness left in the world, I find it difficult to believe, because I feel honored enough to see and be a part of a community who want to love, encourage and reinstate hope into their friendships, relationships, and community.

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