10 Things We Learned Planning a Wedding


We learnt so much planning our wedding! Some of the things we learned took us by complete surprise! Here are the 10 things we learned…
1. Your dress will take longer to make than you think. 
I remember being so surprised when I found out that dresses from a bridal shop generally take about 7 months to make (about four months to order in the right size – then three months of fittings). Luckily I found this out before I was engaged.2. Hiring a videographer is worth while. 
We had no intention of getting a videographer as we were already spending a lot on a photographer. We also thought a video wouldn’t add much more ontop of photos BUT we were so wrong! We ended up booking a videographer ON THE WEEK OF OUR WEDDING because my extended family in South Africa desperately wanted to see a video and we are SO happy that we did. (A lovely girl I went to Uni with, Tish Tash Tash, filmed it for us!) A video just captures so much more emotion from the day than photos can.
3. The little details won’t matter as much as you think! 
Of course you want everything to look perfect, but your guests, or even you, probably won’t remember if the flowers on the table were perfectly centred, or what colour the napkins were! What you will remember is the atmosphere of the day and how you felt!

4. Your wedding day will go SO FAST!
Like I mean it will be over in a blink of an eye. SO many people told us this and we were still suprised at how fast it went. Take time to consciously look around and take everything in. Ben and I tried to do this as much as we could throughout the day and it really helped us to remember so much.
5. You will spend more in the last couple of weeks than you expect.
For us this was on things we didn’t even budget for! (Think extra additions to the centre pieces, more paper for name labels, ect).
6. Everything wedding related is SO expensive!
Choose what is the most important to you to spend the most money on. For us it was our photographer and venue. Then save money in other areas (get help from talented people in your family!). Ben’s aunty made our cake, my mum made our stationery, and Ben’s sister did all our signage.7. Most people don’t RSVP.
Even though we put an RSVP date on our invites, only 50% of people actually responded. There will be a lot of chasing up to do, and you will get responses like “OF COURSE I AM COMING!” Lol.

8. You will answer the same question’s a lot. 
It is so fun talking to everyone about your wedding but by the end you will probably be sick of hearing “SO HOWS THE WEDDING PLANNING GOING?”
9. Your photographer’s personality is just as important as their photography skills.
I rave about our wedding photographer, Jonathan Suckling Photography, to everyone! He is insanely talented, and I knew that from looking through a lot of his photos but it was actually seeing him shoot at my friends wedding that made me think okay this is the type of photographer I want. His outgoing and hilarious personality added so much to our day and it was so much FUN having our photos taken! Wedding photos are a big part of the day and you want some who you feel comfortable around and can make everyone genuinely laugh (not those fake laughs for the camera). Every single laughing photo at our wedding was 100% genuine!!!
10. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. 
Everyone told us that planning a wedding is stressful. And yes, it will be busy, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming the whole time. Organisation is key. Get a wedding planner book or folder (I got mine online here) and work out what needs to be done and who can help you do it. Our friends and family were keen to be part of our wedding and they helped us so much (letting people help you is a great way to lessen the stress!) Don’t let planning your wedding become a stressful experience. Take time to enjoy the journey, make things fun, and create positive memories.

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