The Wild West – Te Henga Walkway

On Saturday I went on one of the most beautiful walks with my parents! I have had Te Henga walkway on my New Zealand bucket list for awhile now and it truly blew my mind how amazing it was.

Te Henga walkway is an 8km track that can be started on Bethell’s Road or Constable road (Muriwai). We began the track at Bethell’s but did not do the whole track this time as it would have taken four hours one way!! One day I WILL do the whole track! I would say we probably did about half the track, passing O’Neill’s Bay and then got to the point where we could see that amazing view (in the photo above) and some of Muriwai too.

I am truly in my happy place when I am out in nature and it always makes me think, do more of what makes you happy!! It always leaves you feeling so refreshed, inspired and content.

It was also really cool to do this with my parents – they definitely share my love for hikes!

Such an amazing view of Bethell’s Beach!

O’Neills Bay!

Haha I love this – my dad got in on my photo and copied my pose!
My cute parents!

There is more information about this walk here. Also please let me know what your favourite walking tracks are! x

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