5 Ways I Improved my Health & Energy Levels

In our #cleaneating world, it can be hard to decipher exactly what being ‘healthy’ means. We are overwhelmed with information about living a healthy lifestyle, from paleo, vegan, and gluten free, to dairy free and low carb THE LIST GOES ON! It is so easy to end up thinking that you shouldn’t eat certain foods, simply because it’s the latest trend.

About three years ago, my knowledge around health was incredibly limited. I thought being healthy meant eating a salad and a piece of fruit sometimes. I also thought that being tired every day was normal. This was until I was introduced to Dr Libby’s books and seminars which have seriously changed my whole outlook on health. I became so interested in the topic of health and energy levels and began reading books on health for fun. I know, I didn’t even recognise myself.

Growing up, I took full advantage of having a fast metabolism, and I was known for my love of coke and McDonald’s. I don’t think that a week went by at Uni that I didn’t consume nuggets or coke. I didn’t take notice of how often I used the sentence “I am SO tired” because, to be honest, I thought being exhausted was a pretty normal part of life. The more I learned, the more lifestyle changes I made, which not only gave me more energy, but also made me happier

1. Starting My Day With Warm Lemon Water
This was one of the first things I started when I began trying to improve my energy levels. It seemed like a very simple, but highly beneficial thing to add into my everyday routine. Not only does it help your body to detox in the morning, it also great for your digestive system, skin and immune system! The benefits are endless. I remember when I first heard about drinking lemon water in the morning. It made me cringe. I didn’t like drinking plain water in the morning, let alone water with sour lemon in it. I did it though, and I have never looked back. Trust me, once you start you won’t stop!
2. Walking and Movement
I believe that any movement is good movement! It has been my biggest focus this year. I heard the phrase “don’t sit on your energy” and that really resonated with me. The longer we sit, the less energy we have. When I started a full-time job in the city, this became even more important as I spend most of the day either sitting on the bus or at a desk.I started with only walking for 10 minutes each morning! I now do about 20-25 minutes. I also love to go for longer walks/hikes on the weekend. Even though winter has started, and it’s often freezing, I think this is the best time to get out and do big walks because 1) there are fewer people on the popular tracks and 2) you won’t feel like you are dying of heat, and therefore you will have more energy.Walking has been the only exercise I have stuck at for a long period of time because I love it!! However, walking may not be your thing, so find an exercise you love, and you will more likely to stick to it.

3. Cutting Back on Sugar
I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth!! For a long time, I ate chocolate every night. I had a whole drawer dedicated to treats. When I started hearing about how this impacted your energy levels, I thought there would be no way I could go longer than two days without chocolate. I started doing challenges with my friends and hubby to go without chocolate for a month. I did it!! Ever since then I have tried to be more aware of how much sugar I was consuming each day. Something that has helped me is Lindt’s amazing 70% dark chocolate! It has such a small amount of sugar compared to regular chocolate, but is still satisfies!
4. Eating More Greens
Eating your greens is one of the biggest parts of having good energy levels. I was the WORST at this for a long time! I would have a bit of broccoli here and there but never consistently. I started to add a spinach to most of my meals and have a green smoothie when I can. However, whenever I was out of routine (out for dinner etc) I would find it harder to get greens. Recently I discovered Morlife Greens Powders which are amazing! It has over 18+ super greens, pre and probiotics, magnesium, zinc and calcium! The best part is, they have just brought our flavoured powders: lemon and line, acai berry and pineapple and coconut. I have the acai berry and it genuinely tastes so good! I just add a teaspoon to a bit of water, it is such an easy way to get so many extra nutrients into my diet. 

You can get the powders here. (Not sponsored, just love!!)
5. Being More Aware of my Sleeping Habits
Everyone knows I am the biggest nana and go to sleep early basically every night. However, early nights do not necessarily mean that the quality of your sleep is great. My nightly routine used to involve falling asleep watching a TV show. I now know this was the worst thing I could have done for my sleep. Your melatonin levels only start to rise when our eyes are exposed to low light, and back lit devices destroy that. Being more aware of this has made a big difference for me, and I definitely notice a difference in my sleep patterns on the nights that I spend too long on my phone!I am not perfect at this! I have a lot of weeks where I eat badly etc and I still LOVE chocolate! These are just some things I try to keep part of my daily routine to help me feel my best! I would love to hear your tips for good energy levels and if you have read any books about health that you love! xo

Ps. My whole active wear outfit pictured is from The Warehouse Active Intent Range

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